Thursday, December 08, 2005


This is a F.A.Q. Eventually, no one will see it, so I'm linking it to the sidebar too. Stay tuned to that sidebar, and it'll look cool. I promise!

1.) Where the hell do you find these things?

I regularly go to Fark, BoingBoing, Engadget, and about 50 other RSS'd websites. So, if I find something rather cool, I put it up here so I can be sure that the image isn't going to disappear or turn into mr. goatsie on me. 9/10 of the time I can give credit to where it's due, and even hopefully help the original owner turn a profit on their merchadise (posters, t-shirts, games, etc, etc)

2.) Do you have an RSS feed?

I do! I recently make it a feedburner feed, so if you're subscribed already, I would love for you to resubscribe under the feedburner url so I can see how many people are subscribed, and what my circulation is like.

3.) I have this sweet image, how do I tell you about it?

IM me on AIM : tgiokdi and we'll talk about it. I'm on at most hours. If you miss me, sucks to be you. Sucker.

4.) You have a copywritted image that I'm forced to ask you to remove....

If this is the case, call off the lawyers, I'll just take down the freepress that I'm give you, I'll say something to the effect in the post, and there won't be much of an issue. Funny pictures aren't worth being sued over.

Any other questions? IM me!


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